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The Positive Impact of Plastics

With media and public attention being firmly fixed on the negative impact that plastics are having on the environment. We wanted to remind everyone of the positive impact plastic has had. This is not to say plastic pollution isn't a real issue, but we feel people need a reminder that the world would not be as it is without plastic.

Plastic is an extremely versatile material with a huge range of applications in our day-to-day lives, taking multiple forms, textures and strengths. From bottles, containers, medical syringes, plugs, pens and clips, their use is endless.

Polystyrene (EPS) is widely recognised as an excellent source of insulation, requring 20% less thickness to achieve the same performance as spun glass wool or fibre insulation. It is also extremely inert, meaning it will react minimally in response to heat or cold. Furthermore, despite its large appearance, Polystyrene is 100% recyclable.

HDPE, ABS and Polypropylene have transformed the automotive industry. Combined with other materials, plastics can decrease the weight of many parts of cars by up to 70 %. Plastic makes vehicles more efficient as a lighter car can travel further on less fuel.

Further benefits of plastics are noted as being light, easily shaped, strong, and inexpensive. It is also inhibits contamination making it useful in sterile medical environments such as hospitals. Such as why syringes and other medical apparatus are plastic.

Plastics are providing innovative methods and tools to deal with environmental issues and while we must work together to combat the negative impact plastic can have on our environment, we must also continue to work together to create new, innovative ideas and processes of how plastic can help us all, as we have done in the recent past.


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