Malton Plastics are committed to the highest level of quality to ensure that our products and service meets the needs of our customers by building quality procedures into everything we do. This includes the receipt of raw materials, sales, design, manufacturing, sub-assembly, final inspection, delivery and administration.


Our commitment to quality is not only a requirement (as an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation), but is an expectation set by all people at Malton Plastics to be the best they can be. We believe quality is cultural and this can be seen in the quality of parts of produced, service and the cleanliness of our moulding facility. Every part manufactured by Malton Plastics is produced with the upmost care and consideration with adherence to our quality guidelines. Moulding is checked regularly by operators and hourly by team leaders to ensure consistent, quality parts are being produced.


Quality control complemented by our goals of continuous improvement to the Quality Management System, making processes ever-more efficient and enhancing customer satisfaction, while minimising both waste and our carbon footprint has shown to provide a proven track record for quality as we aim for defect free products and service. Proof of this is strong growth in the business and a maintained customer base which trusts us for their current and future injection moulding requirements.


In the unlikely event you should experience any problems with your plastic products or components we can provide full traceability to see on which machine your product was produced, which batch of material was used and even the operator who worked your order down to specific boxes.


The companies Quality Management Systems includes aspects specific to:

  • The manufacturing of thermoplastic components across a wide range of sectors
  • Ensuring that our customers obtain a Quality service which effectively delivers to the Client’s requirements and satisfies their specific needs.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate

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Quality Policy

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