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The demand for precise, high quality plastic injection moulded products, both here in the UK and overseas, is ever increasing. Coupled with cutting edge plastic injection moulding machinery, modern production facilities and experienced staff, plastic moulders Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd (MPL) is an ideal choice for any company requiring injection moulded plastic products or components. Produced in a clean, efficient manufacturing plant, MPL reliably provide custom plastic parts to the trade.

We regularly provide our customers with:

  • Plastic injection moulded for domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners
  • Plastic injection moulded mudguards made to order for cycle manufacturers
  • Robust plastic injection moulded components, ideal for rugged outdoor use in the agricultural industry
  • Plastic injection moulded propagators, seed trays and gardening accessories for the gardening enthusiast
  • Plastic injection moulded hydraulic hose clamps and caps for industry
  • Plastic injection moulded winter retail products such as snow shovels, ice scrapers and sledges

MPL's friendly Yorkshire, yet professional approach to each job means we can implement effective manufacturing workflows to streamline production, consequently saving time and money. We'll give professional advice on your chosen design and can, if required, create custom tooling to suit your plastic injection moulded products in our fully equipped modern tool room.


Expertly working with thermoplastics, such as PVC, commodity and engineering plastics, as well as flame retardant and glass filled materials in our plastic injection moulding plant, we aim to deliver precision plastic injection moulded products which exceed our customers' expectations.

All manufacturing is done to ISO9001:2008 standards. Sub-assembly, printing and packing complete our plastic injection moulding service.


Plastic Injection Moulded Machinery

Telephone 01751 477720 now to speak to us about your plastic injection moulding requirements or email at us



Plastic injection moulding is the process of creating component parts via the use of a mould. Hot liquid plastic is injected into a pre-set mould, allowed to cool and then released. Examples of products made via this process include; plastic cutlery, lids for coffee cups, plastic cups, gardening trays, snow sleds, buckets, a number of children's toys and anything else that you can think of which is a single piece of plastic in a set design.

With so many plastic injection moulded products surrounding us in our day-to-day lives it is no surprise that making these products is big business.

The tool making machines that create these plastic injection moulds are very intricate machines, but they give us the ability to create products by the hundreds of thousands - all immaculately, and all to the same precise specifications.

plastic injection moulding equipment

plastic injection mouldThe process of plastic injection moulding

The liquid plastic is injected into the mould under pressure. It is important that a tight pressure is kept to prevent air bubbles. Either side of the mould is clamped together tightly. Once it has been ensured that all cavities have been filled with plastic the mould is allowed to cool.

Once cooled, the moving side of the mould - known as a platen - is taken away from the static platen and the product is revealed.

After a run of the product has finished, the factory stores the tooling and moulds securely until another batch of the product is needed.

The tool makers will be able to pick up where they left off and create the same product to perfection or make modifications as per the client's spec.

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