New 5000 square foot building

We’re Expanding!

Recently, Malton Plastics has acquired additional premises of approximately 5,000 sq. ft. The additional warehouse facility was taken on to deal with additional demand from current and prospective customers. In addition, the new warehouse will allow Malton Plastics to expand current manufacturing capabilities cater for even more work.

The new warehouse offers both additional storage, pick and pack facilities. Furthermore, it has allowed us to improve our current stock position and stock control, making us even more efficient than before. Malton Plastics also has the ability for increased machine capacity which would relieve the workload on current machines and create additional capacity for more work.

This move was made with some trepidation due to the circumstances surrounding Brexit. However, we believe if you stay still long enough, you’ll end up going backwards. Ultimately, our commitment to quality component manufacturing and excellent customer service helps us form long term relationships with our customers and suppliers, helping each other to overcome political and economical obstacles in whatever form they may be.