Apprentice project: Manufacture Two Impression Mould for Pastry Brush

Malton Plastics were asked to manufacture a two impression mould to produce a Pastry Brush. Although the mould is relatively simple in design; the moulding has certain criteria that must be met. Management decided that this would be an excellent project for our apprentice, Aidan Smith to take on. The brief for Aidan was to first complete drawings of the pastry brush component, purchase the raw materials and then manufacture the mould; all of which was to be completed by himself.

From an initial sample provided by our customer, Aidan had to generate 2D and 3D drawings of the component of which he then purchased the required raw materials to manufacture the mould. From the raw materials Aidan then completed the manufacturing of the mould from the drawings he had previously done. Aidan assisted our technicians in the trial of the mould in one of our injection moulding machines, observing and taking part in the trial process.

Apprentice, Aidan “enjoyed” the challenge of taking on the project from start to finish, expressing that the responsibility of working on the project by himself made it a more challenging but enjoyable process to be a part of.

Managing Director, Graeme Smith was more than happy with the mould and expressed his satisfaction by saying, “I’m really pleased with how the mould turned out, and the commitment Aidan showed to not just finishing the job, but finishing it to a high standard.” Quality is something we like to keep preaching at Malton Plastics as we know how important quality products are to the customer. However, quality can take time as Graeme also pointed out, “the mould has taken a little longer than we anticipated to finish, but this should be expected from an apprentice, what we have to take from this is Aidan’s ability to work to such a high standard in a clean, manageable environment he sets up for himself to work in, the speed of the job will come with experience.”

We can’t wait to see the result of the current projects Aidan is working on, and hopefully you can’t either. Keep checking the news section on this site for future updates on the work we’re doing here at Malton Plastics.