Employees Complete Toolsetting for Injection Moulding Course with Sumitomo DEMAG

We recently sent Aidan Smith and Nicky Chan to the Sumitomo DEMAG facility in Daventry where they undertook the two day, Toolsetting Technology for Injection Moulding Course offered by Sumitomo DEMAG.

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag UK is one of the leading importers of injection moulding machinery in the UK. With the firm having roots to both Japan and Germany, regarding Sumitomo and DEMAG respectively. Here at MPL, we have been using Sumitomo DEMAG machines for nearly 18 years and we are still using them today; one of the reasons why we sent Aidan and Nicky to Daventry to complete this course.

Aidan and Nicky both completed the course, receiving the SDUK TSett Certificate (Knowledge) for Injection Moulding.

The course covered the following theoretical elements:

  • Clamp unit and injection functions
  • Basic mould design, including cold and hotrunners
  • Basic material types
  • Common moulding faults

The course covered the following practical elements:

  • Operation of the machine control (HMI)
  • Melt and mould temperature checks
  • Optimise mould safety
  • Setting the injection and holding phase
  • Conduct gate freeze off procedure
  • Setting the cooling phase

For Nicky, the course was almost a refresher as he is already experienced with regards to tool setting, having conducted multiple mould tool changes over the last few years. However, he now has the certification to confirm his ability and knowledge. We hope and believe the course will have enhanced Nicky’s ability to change and set injection mould tools at MPL in a more efficient and effective manner.

On the other hand, for Aidan, the course was entirely new. This is because he is currently an apprentice engineer and tool maker at MPL. Although he has a competent understanding of the design and functionality of mould tools, he does not have the ability to set an injection moulding machine. We believe the course will have given Aidan the fundamental understanding of how to set a moulding machine and that in the near future he will not only be able to complete this task, but his working knowledge of the process will help when designing parts and tooling in the future.