Injection moulding machine console for plastic parts

Find a Plastic Injection Moulder for Your Custom Plastic Parts

Companies today require bespoke plastic parts for a variety of reasons. For example car manufacturers require bespoke parts for the different range of cars they manufacture. Meanwhile, competitive brands look to gain a competitive advantage by providing a better looking and more functional product. These are just two examples of the types of customers plastic injection moulders will come across and work with. In reality the ability the provide bespoke plastic parts and the reasoning behind is much more complex.

Essentially, the customer has an idea or a requirement that needs fulfilling and plastic injection moulding can provide the answer. Here you will find some of things we recommend to consider when looking for a plastic injection moulder.

Technical requirements to consider

Due to the technical nature of plastic injection moulding, there may only be few manufacturers within your area. It may be worthwhile considering manufacturers who are further a field from where you operate. Yorkshire and the Midlands are good places to start when looking for an injection moulder and there are plenty there. Furthermore, you have to consider finding a reputable moulder with the capacity and technical capability to meet your requirements.

Plastic injection moulders typically specialise for a certain requirement desired by customers, which can include:

  • The size of the plastic part
  • The volume of plastic parts
  • The type of plastic required for the part

You may also find the ability of the moulder is not limited by the above requirements. Many trade moulders tend to be flexible with their approach to manufacturing and look to work with customers to provide solutions.

It is also worth considering additional requirements for your product. For example, if the part is being manufactured to go straight to market, the manufacturer might be able to label and pack the product appropriately, negating the need for you to outsource or do it yourself.

Injection moulding capacity

Capacity is another issue for injection moulders, whether this be their stores or their moulding machines. Most moulders will plan to meet production needs, meaning when a customer places an order, stock is readily available. However, irregular and/or short runs can pose a production problem to a moulder. This is because moulders may book out their relevant machines for the production of their other customers mouldings. OEM’s, particularly those within the automotive industry are notorious for requiring product as and when they need it (lean manufacturing). The problem this can pose on smaller injection moulders is that irregular production can throw scheduling out of balance, and the moulder may not be able to meet the needs of the customer. Because of this problem, you will find certain moulders will specialise with the ability to provide to automotive customers, whereas other injection moulders will avoid automotive work altogether.

If you have a plastic part or an idea, then it is worth starting out by enquiring to plastic manufacturers in your local area and listening to their recommendations of what you should do and where you should go. Ultimately, the decision is down to you and although we can’t speak for everyone, we believe the vast majority of plastic manufacturers and plastic injection moulders will look to meet your needs or send you in the right direction.

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