350 Demag Injection Moulding Machine and Conveyor

Investment into New 350 Tonne Injection Moulding Machine

Malton Plastics (UK) Limited (MPL) have recently taken delivery of a new 350 tonne injection moulding machine from Sumitomo Demag. In addition, a robot and conveyor system from Geiger Handling was also purchased to increase MPL’s manufacturing capability and capacity.

Throughout the course of the year an increase in demand for plastic mouldings required MPL to increase production capacity. This has seen MPL invest in a 350 tonne injection moulding machine from Demag. This is the largest injection moulding machine MPL have, replacing the older 320 tonne machine that was in it’s place. The slightly larger, 350 tonne Demag will increase moulding capabilities at MPL as the modern machinery is more efficient in production and with a larger mould height it can produce plastic mouldings from larger mould tools.

The robot and conveyor system from Geiger Handling will work alongside the new Demag. The benefit of this is that operating hours for the new machine can be increased by removing reliance on operator occupancy as the machine will be able to run fully automatic with parts being removed and stacked via the robot. Managing Director, Graeme Smith said “with an increase in demand for some of the larger components we produce and with new customers working with us, the new machine and conveyor will allow us to be more efficient and increase utilisation.” Graeme also added, “with the ability to produce more efficiently and run the machine for longer, we can also meet our customers demand for product”.

A big thank you to Demag and Geiger for all their assistance with installation making it appear a simple process, also Rockson Lubritek for their role in supply of oil and additional service.

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