ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certification

It is with great pride and satisfaction that Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd. can finally announce that we have been recommended certification for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. The audit took place on the 29th June, 2018 with Synergos Consultancy and Alcumus ISOQAR of which the recommendation was made by the end of the day.

Previously, Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd. had been certified ISO 9001:2008. This was the first time we had been assessed for the updated certificate and we passed with flying colours, much to the satisfaction of Managing Director, Graeme Smith, who oversaw the audit. Mr. Smith expressed his belief that with or without the certification, Malton Plastics had quality management systems in place and that the certification provided reassurance to current and future customers.

Alcumus note on their website that ISO 9001 provides a management framework to businesses to improve business practices and help to provide services and products that meet the customer’s expectations.

Some benefits of ISO 9001 highlighted by Alcumus are:

  • Improved employee engagement – as a result of defining key roles and responsibilities and encouraging effective internal communications.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – by meeting customer requirements consistently. As the certificate is updated, the business is able to update its system to meet the ever changing requirements of the customer.



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