Plastics Quarter Summary and Easter Shutdown

Quarter Summary

The year has been a very good one for Malton Plastics so far, despite the uproar and turmoil concerning Brexit. Orders are up, production hours are up and we’ve been running continuous day and late shifts since the turn of the year, whereas previous this has only been something we do periodically.

It is still relatively uncharted territory for us and Brexit is very much in the back of our minds, however we’re just taking each day as it comes with an aim to be better each day.

The plastics industry as a whole in the UK looks to be in a real positive position at the moment as a everyone looks to be investing for the future. This is great, more so after the bad press the industry received at the latter end of last year with regard to TV documentaries and single-use plastics.

Maintaining this positive theme, we also hope to have some exciting announcements for you later in the year. We have a few projects down the pipe line, so stay tuned and check our socials for any updates.

We’re also attending the Made in Yorkshire Exhibition this year which will be at Elland Road Centenary Pavillion on the 23rd of May (29/05/2019).

Find us on Stand 35. We’ll provide more updates as the show date gets closer.

Easter Shutdown

We’re officially shutdown on the week commencing Monday the 22nd of April (22/04/2019).

Open the following week commencing Monday the 29th of April.

Staff will be in and out of the office and factory throughout the week as we have numerous orders to get out for customers urgently. However, we do advise to send any enquiries and messages to use via email as the phones will not be continuously occupied over the course of next week.

Hope you all have a great Easter and don’t eat too many eggs (who am I kidding, I’ve got three already!)

T: +44 (0) 1751 477 720


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