New Machine Allows Greater Production Output for Malton Plastics UK

New to MPL this month is the Krauss Maffei, an impressive looking 80 tonne machine that is going to have a huge impact in our ability to process our orders. Currently our order book is very full but the introduction of the new machine means we will be able to increase our daily production and therefore finish those orders at a quicker rate.

The Krauss Maffei is a specialist piece of equipment for companies working in plastic injection moulding. The brand is known around the world for their innovative equipment including the use of automation. The flexibility of their equipment is another reason MPL have chosen to include one of these machines in our equipment range as they come in individual and modular varieties as well as the standardised products. This means we were able to get exactly what we needed for the work that we do.

With our new equipment in place, we can continue to produce our range of gardening products as demand grows seasonally. We can also continue to increase our stock of the winter products that are always popular – although we all hope not to need to use the snow shovels and salt spreaders too much this winter!

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